Annual Maintenance & Retrofitting

Annual Maintenance & Retrofitting

Annual Maintenance Contract team is systematic reliable system which is concentrating on maintenance testing of all electrical equipments and schemes by periodically on every year for substations, Power plants and all process plants. Uncertainly of protection tends to major breakdowns which will cause huge loss in production as well as damages the system equipments. We could have been avoided that kind of breakdowns by proper maintenance of protective equipments and protection schemes.

List Of Maintenance Testing

  •  Annual Maintenance testing of relays, Current Transformers, Potential transformers, Circuit breakers, Earth pits, Transformers and calibration of meters during shutdown
  •  Periodical Maintenance (Healthiness Check)
  •  Breakdown Maintenance (Fault finding Inspection)
  •  Operation Maintenance (Regular Maintenance)
  •  Overhauling & Testing of ACB’s

List Of Retrofitting

  •  Retrofitting of old type electro mechanical relays in to advanced numerical relays
  •  Replacement of old breakers & busbars
  •  Modification of schemes