Electrical Equipment Testing & Commissioning

Electrical Equipment Testing & Commissioning

Our skilled Professionals deliver customized services to fit customer needs. We provide our customers with a professional of degreed and certified engineers who are trained and experienced in performing specification of testing in compliance with industry standards. Our field engineers meet the rigorous Indian Standards of the Electrical Testing.

Our engineers undergo Electrical Safety Training, along with how to select and use the proper electrical protective equipment (EPE). They also participate in mandatory safety sessions & safety meetings as & when conducted. We also provide not only training, but properly selected, rated and tested electrical protective equipment.

Our Field Engineers also undergo continuing education, to maintain the IS level, and keep abreast of the latest techniques/technologies in the testing field. Our organization gives safety training of all engineers who work near energized or de energized electrical equipment. We are so serious about safety that we pioneered the integrity of testing and the necessity of standards and certifications that ensure the safety of our facility and our employees.

List Of Electrical Equipment For Testing & Commissioning :

  • Current transformer
  • Potential Transformer
  •  Circuit Breaker / GCB
  • Isolator
  •  Earth Switch
  •  Power/Aux/Dry type Transformer
  •  Bus ductc
  •  Voltmeter, Ammeter
  •  MCCB
  •  CVT
  •  Generator
  • Auxiliary Relays
  •  HV / LV Cables
  •  OLTC / RTCC
  •  LVAC / PMCC / 3.3KV to 66KV Switchgear panels
  •  Earth Pit
  • 33KV to 765KV GIS / AIS
  •  Battery charger
  •  NGR / Turret CT / Neutral CT
  •  ACDB / DCDB
  •  Capacitor Bank
  •  LV / MV Motors