Installation Of Field Instruments, Calibration And Commissioning

Installation Of Field Instruments, Calibration And Commissioning

A. Field Instrument Measurements Along With Masters

  •  Pressure measurement like absolute pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and pressure switches.
  •  Level measurement like DP type level transmitter, displacement type transmitters, Ultrasonic and Radar type Level transmitters and Level Switches.
  •  Flow measurements like DP Type flow, Variable Head flow, Electromagnetic Flow, Mass Flow and Ultrasonic Flow Transmitters and Flow switches
  •  Temperature Measurements like temperature gauges, Thermocouple and RTD.
  •  Analytical Instruments like pH conductivity, Hydrazine, silica, O2, Co, Co2, So2, No2, Smoke density and opacity meters.
  •  Analyser calibration checks are usually carried out on analyser by injecting samples in to known sampling conditioning system.

B. Control Valve Activity:

Installation, Inspection, Calibration, Loop checking checks

  •  Commissioning, Trouble shooting and calibration of solenoid valves by operating the solenoid coil and observing the correct change over action.
  •  Commissioning, Trouble shooting and calibration of control valves by raising and falling signals at 0, 25, 50, 75 & 100% of valve strokes.
  •  Commissioning and calibration of pneumatic positioner, IP Convertor, Electro Pneumatic positioner, Position feedback transmitters and smart positioner.
  •  Installation, commissioning and calibration of motorized valves by setting open close limit switches and torque switches for fully C/O position.

C. Supervision And Support Services For Erection, Commissioning And Site Acceptance Test Of Following Jobs


  •  Installation of all type of field instruments as per P&I drawing
  •  Installation of stanchions / supports and canopy for instruments
  •  Impulse tubing for instruments as per hook up drawings
  •  Laying and clamping of single par / multi core cables up to control room
  •  Glanding and cable termination in instruments, Junction boxes and Marshalling panels for DCS (or) PLC system.
  •  Hot loop and cold loop signals checking of instruments

Pre-commissioning activities Checking for design conformity & functional check

  •  Inspection of equipment and installation to check for mechanical integrity
  •  Inspection of equipment and installation to check for compliance with drawings, specification, regulations and code of practice stimulator.
  •  Powering up the instruments until stabilized
  •  Connecting up the Handheld Programmer and Running Communication Test
  •  Zero and span check for instruments by use of hand held Communicator as per data sheet
  •  Checking the outputs in both raising and falling modes

D. Dcs, Plc & Scada System Commissioning Activities

  •  Ensuring Dual power supply change over without affecting the system / process
  •  Checking of Nest Loading as per the I/O allocation for maintaining the redundancy.
  •  Confirm of all inter-connector cables have been installed in accordance with the reference documents.
  •  Check all I/O cabling to field devices and the field devices themselves are installed and comply with the reference documents
  •  Uploading and Downloading the Program, Login design, nest loading and the I/O assignment, graphic design and implementation for SIEMENS S7-300 & 400 and its WinCC. Yokogawa CS3000 & Centum VP, Foxboro IA, Triconex, ABB 800xa, Annunciator and SOE